The first and only patented flexible magnetic

waterproof self-sealing system

This is how it works

Intuitive Magnetic Closure

Air & Gas Tight
Sand & Dust
Odor proof
Shatter proof
Thief & pick pocket proof
Child proof (special applications)
Antibacterial (special applications)
Food grade (special applications)

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News Updates & Highlights

We would like to help


As it is presumed that corona virus can live on the surface of cell phones for a few days, it is important nowadays to keep your phone away from your face.

At FIDLOCK and GOOPER we decided to donate 5000 waterproof HERMETIC Dry bags to the people that need those most:
Nurses, Doctors, hospital staff, extended medical services
and first responders.

Protect yourself from

your cell phone

Coronavirus could live on your phone

for nine days

Keep your phone all day in our protective TPU washable case and use it regularly to talk, text, shoot photos and listen to music.

Clean the case as many times as needed
with soap and water or alcohol wipes.

If needed take out to charge at night.

Merger with FIDLOCK

Manufacturer of premium magnetic products


Following the merger – the complete line of products has received a “face lift” and is now sold and fulfilled

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Image courtesy of Maxim de Jong, Thin Red Line Aerospace


Chosen for a NASA Space Technology

Development Program


Gooper Hermetic Ltd was chosen by Canada’s Thin Red Line Aerospace to provide key technology for a NASA project requiring the highest performance, resalable gas- and liquid-tight closure

just in case

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